Stratasys Fortus F900: Why Two Pi Greco Chooses Excellence.

In the rapidly changing landscape of 3D printing, it is essential to select tools that embody precision, reliability, and versatility. The Stratasys Fortus F900 represents one of these excellent choices, and there are concrete reasons why Two Pi Greco decided to rely on this unparalleled machine.

Distinctive Features of the Fortus F900

  • Reliable Performance: This 3D printer is known for its ability to deliver consistent and repeatable results, which is essential for high-quality productions.
  • Versatility of Materials: With a range from ABS to ULTEM 9085/1010 through carbon fiber and ESD-compliant PEKK, the F900 is perfectly suited to multiple needs.
  • Connectivity and Security: Stratasys has not neglected the importance of digitization and data security, integrating functions such as MTConnect and ProtectAM.

Before delving into our reasons, let us briefly examine what makes the F900 unique:

The Choice of DuePiGreco 3D

Why, then, did Two Pi Greco choose to invest in the Fortus F900? Here are some of our basic reasons:

  • High-End Polymers: Our passion is to create superior quality components. With the F900, we have the freedom to use high-end polymers such as PAEK, NYLON 12CF, PA6/66 GF20 and PC, ensuring optimal results.
  • Dimensional Accuracy: With dimensional and shape tolerances of ISO 2768-mK, medium grade, we can guarantee precision components regardless of design complexity.
  • Integrated Expertise: Our facility is not limited to printing. We have a dedicated finishing and assembly workshop as well as specialized teams in DfAM, design and engineering, ensuring a complete solution for our customers.

A Commitment to Excellence

At Due Pi Greco, excellence is not just a buzzword: it is a mission. The choice of Stratasys, and in particular the Fortus F900, reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality. By continuing to invest in the best technologies, we guarantee our customers solutions that meet and exceed expectations, today and in the future.