Additive Manufacturing


We use only and exclusively certified materials
and traceable Stratasys® in order to provide our customers with
Of products with repeatable physical and mechanical qualities,
although printed at different times.

Nylon 12CF

Lightweight, 35% carbon fiber reinforced, with the highest flexural strength of any FDM material.


Biocompatible and complying with the ISO 10993 standard and USP Class VI, it is sterilizable and ideal for the medical, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Ultem® 1010

High-performance resin with excellent mechanical strength and thermal stability. The 1010CG version is biocompatible and certified for ‘food.

Ultem® 9085

Fire retardant, high-performance resin with FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) certification. Suitable for metal replacement, i.e., alternative to certain metal materials.

Antero 800NA

Featuring excellent physical and mechanical properties, robust and low outgassing, wear-resistant and heat-resistant. Suitable for parts that require durability and weight reduction.

Antero 840CN03

High-performance static-dissipative (ESD) thermoplastic based on PEKK; has unprecedented strength and thermal and chemical resistance. Ideal for the aerospace industry.


Durable, biocompatible, sterilizable material suitable for use in medical devices.


Polycarbonate-ABS is one of the most widely used blends; it combines the mechanical properties of polycarbonate with the aesthetics and elasticity of ABS.


Resistant to heat, chemicals and sterilizable, PPSU is excellent for demanding applications exposed to the action of oils, gases and acids.

Nylon 12

Enables advanced prototyping; ideal for all applications requiring a durable material such as snap fasteners and friction inserts.


It has excellent UV stability and the best aesthetic performance among thermoplastic filament materials.


Elastomer resistant to abrasion, chemicals, UV rays and low temperatures. Ideal for the automotive, footwear and textile industries.

* NOT a Stratasys material


Low melting point polyaryletherketone (LMPAEK) designed specifically for additive manufacturing.

Covestro Addigy® PA6/66-GF20 FR LS

Fiberglass-reinforced nylon material that is flame retardant and has excellent performance at high temperatures; for the rail and aerospace industries.

Kimya PC-FR

Polycarbonate material with flame retardant properties; particularly suitable for applications in rail and air transportation.


High-impact polystyrene with mechanical properties similar to those of ABS, but with very high impact resistance, providing greater durability.


Nylon 2200 EOS

Excellent mechanical properties, very smooth surfaces, high precision. Used for functional parts with design quality that can withstand high thermal or mechanical stress.

Somos® EvoLVe™ 128

Designed for easy finishing, this material allows a high degree of detail. Ideal for the aerospace, automotive, medical and electronics industries.

Flexa Grey

General purpose TPU for prototyping; offers good flexibility and ease of use. Used for standard rubber items, guards, shock and vibration absorbers.

Nylon 12 GF Formlabs

High-performance material for producing parts with high stiffness, dimensional accuracy and thermal stability.

Nylon 11 Formlabs

Nylon 11 Formlabs
Suitable for ductile and strong parts, it is a high-performance nylon material of biological origin for parts that bend and resist impact.



Hardenable aluminum alloy with good corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity; applicable for thin-walled components and complex geometries.

Maraging steel DIN 1.2709

Mainly used for tool and die making, it has high hardness combined with high ductility. Ideal for high-stress parts.

Stainless Steel AISI 316L

Stainless steel alloy used in the medical, automotive and aerospace industries; suitable for parts exposed to high stress due to its high wear resistance.


Ultracur3D® ST45

Biocompatible urethane photopolymer with high impact resistance; provides a high-quality surface and exceptional precision in fine details.

IND403 High Modulus

High-modulus resin, ideal for tooling and molds at low to moderate temperatures, provides precision, surface finish and durability.

LOCTITE® 3843 High Toughness

High-strength polymer with an outstanding surface finish. Ideal for functional parts with Class A surface requirements.

LOCTITE® 3D 3172 High Impact

Durable, rugged, and impact-resistant material for functional applications subjected to stress and high load conditions.


High-performance material: excellent bending and tensile physical properties, chemical resistance and outstanding flame resistance.


Impact-resistant photopolymer with a finish suitable for Class A surfaces and a low cost per kg. For functional applications where aesthetics and robustness are critical.


Transparent photopolymer with a smooth surface finish and good impact resistance. Ideal for mechanical guides and microfluidic devices.

Somos® QuickGen™ 500

Inexpensive and quick to print, it has a unique flexibility; it is more flexible than other resins but stiffer than elastomers, offering both adaptability and springback.

LOCTITE® 3D IND402 High Rebound

Single-component elastomer with high resilience and rebound (Shore A 75). Ideal for grid structures.


Biocompatible, durable and sterilizable medical grade resin. Strong, durable, with excellent elongation, impact and compression resistance.


Durable, high-precision material for medical applications. Rigid, robust, ideal for medical devices that require high impact resistance.

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