Additive Manufacturing


Identifying the right 3D printing technology is by no means trivial, so we bring our expertise and equipment to bear to ensure the desired result.
We offer a wide range of possibilities, varying in method, materials, timing and finish.


Fused Deposit Modeling

We create high-quality 3D prints, ensuring the highest fidelity in both aesthetic and volumetric rendering.
Our Stratasys® FDM printers provide the highest degree of accuracy and repeatability of any 3D printing technology.
Parts are constructed by overlapping heated and extruded thermoplastic filaments. The wide range of available certified and traceable materials makes it possible to meet a wide variety of needs.

Stratasys® Manufacturing Systems


Build volume: x 254 – y 254 – z 305 (mm)

The most compact of our Stratasys® printers, it allows you to build parts with utmost simplicity and speed. Ideal for prototyping and manufacturing of tools and accessories.


Build volume:
x 355 – y 305 – z 305 (mm)

Large-format printer, supports materials such as ABS, ASA and PC-ISO, enabling the production of accurate and dimensionally stable parts.


Build volume:
x 355 – y 305 – z 305 (mm)

It has the same dimensions as the Fortus 380, but is equipped with a special head that allows it to print components in Nylon 12CF, reinforced with carbon fiber, and ASA.


Build volume:
x 406 – y 355 – z 406 (mm)

The generously sized printing plate makes it suitable for industries such as aerospace, automotive or medical. Offers certified materials for specific applications.


Build volume: x 406 – y 355 – z 406 (mm)

The same size as the F450, it supports over
25 materials, including Nylon 12CF, reinforced with fiber
carbon, and other high-performance thermoplastics.


Build volume:
x 914 – y 610 – z 914 (mm)

Chosen by global industry leaders, the F900 enables the production of large one-piece components and complex parts with accurate and repeatable results.



Fused Filament Fabrication

Among other wire technologies, our 3ntr printers enable us to.
to produce functional components in different polymers not only rigid,
But also flexible. These include TPU, commonly called “rubber,” from 60 to 95 Shore A. As with FDM, parts are made from heated and extruded thermoplastic filaments.


Production systems 3ntr A2v4

Build volume: x 600 – y 325 – z 500 (mm)

Our lab is equipped with two large-format additive manufacturing 3D printers, 3ntr A2 series.



Multi Jet Fusion

For parts with high resolution and quality surface finishes, MJF is the ideal choice.
This 3D printing technology uses fusing agents projected from inkjet heads to generate the three-dimensional object from a bed of thermoplastic powder. MJF enables the fabrication of components with isotropic mechanical properties and a wide variety of materials and colors.



Selective Laser Sintering

Seletcive Laser Sintering is a powder bed fusion 3D printing technology: a laser passes over the surface of thermoplastic powder to selectively fuse particles according to the designed pattern, requiring no print media.
We offer this solution to allow greater design freedom for those who need functional parts with complex geometries and isotropic mechanical properties.


Selective Laser Melting

Our technology for additive manufacturing of metal components, with a process very similar to that of SLS. It allows for the creation of parts with complex geometries, internal cavities and structures that cannot be achieved by traditional manufacturing methods.



Digital Light Processing

DLP uses photosensitive resins and enables the fabrication of both rigid and flexible components, with dimensions up to x 192 , y 108, z 370 mm, with high resolution and a high degree of detail. The surface finish provided by this technology is unparalleled, as is the accuracy and homogeneity of end-use parts.
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