The Fundamental 4Ms of 3D Printing: A Journey into the Future of Manufacturing

Have you introduced a 3D printer to your company, and have you truly reaped the benefits you were seeking? To catch a glimpse of the imminent future of this newly embraced production technology, let’s draw inspiration from the evolution of traditional machine shops, whether internal or external to the company, because, as for all of […]

Ultem 9085: The Timeless Super Polymer for Your Extreme Applications

Step into the beating heart of our Digital Factory, where today we bring to life a true protagonist of 3D printing: Ultem 9085. This super polymer stands out in the vast landscape of extreme applications, boasting a range of features that make it an unparalleled choice for various industrial challenges. Let’s delve into why Ultem […]

Stratasys Fortus F900: Why Two Pi Greco Chooses Excellence.

In the rapidly changing landscape of 3D printing, it is essential to select tools that embody precision, reliability, and versatility. The Stratasys Fortus F900 represents one of these excellent choices, and there are concrete reasons why Two Pi Greco decided to rely on this unparalleled machine. Distinctive Features of the Fortus F900 Before delving into […]

Additive Manufacturing in Carbon: Innovation in Metal Replacement

The engineering world is experiencing an extraordinary moment thanks to the emergence of new technologies, such as additive manufacturing with carbon fiber. This technology offers unprecedented opportunities to improve and optimize industrial production. In this article, we will focus on how additive manufacturing with carbon fiber is transforming the metal replacement industry by offering lighter […]

Combining Design, Engineering and 3D Printing to Revolutionize the Production Cycle.

In today’s ever-changing industrial landscape, we have accepted the challenge of staying ahead of the curve by implementing innovative product cycle solutions. In this article, we will explore how we unite design, engineering, and 3D printing under one roof to simplify and optimize the product creation process. Our strength lies in being a one-stop shop […]

High Performance Polymers: The Vanguard of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

High Innovation in 3D Printing: Cultivating High Performance Polymers in Our Digital Factory Spring is in full bloom, and in our digital factory, the energy is renewed. As nature explodes in color and fragrance, we are committed to “cultivating” high-performance polymers with passion and dedication. 3D printing and additive manufacturing are experiencing a new season, […]

Additive Manufacturing for Automotive: 3D Printing in the World of Racing

In the automotive and racing industries, 3D printing is playing an increasingly central role, offering innovative and efficient solutions. New technologies allow us to manufacture one-piece components up to 915 x 610 x 915mm, guaranteeing dimensional and shape tolerances to ISO 2768-mK standard, medium grade. Technopolymers and Additive Manufacturing Using high-performance engineering polymers such as […]

Additive People… ON STAGE!

Two Pi Greco and Energy group discovering the three souls of #AM: #dfam – design for additive manufacturing, mechanical engineering and #print3D with Stratasys systems for a new industrial revolution! “Due Pi Greco uses #FDM technologies on Stratasys industrial platforms, #Fortus series, for the production of static or dynamic but always functional components, using basic […]

The new FORTUS 450mc has arrived.

Additive Manufacturing for plants, machines and automation. We perform design, retrofitting and manufacturing of components for direct use with STRATASYS industrial systems. Today on the Red Carpet the latest arrival in our Atelier, the FORTUS 450mc FULL version: – Antero 800NA;– ULTEM 1010;– ULTEM 9085;– Nylon 12;– Nylon 12 35% CF;– ST-130 (soluble spindles);– PC […]

New equipment for elastic material

Additive Manufacturing for plants, machines and automation. We perform design, retrofitting and manufacturing of components for direct use with professional 3NTR systems.Here is an example of production: two-position, custom linking/closing belt. – 99% pure TPU (polyurethane);– SHore A85 color black, from machine;– elongation at break : 660%– Glossy, smooth and firm appearance;– Very high adhesion […]